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The 2019 Annual Meeting of Sellers Union Group


At the beginning of this new year, Sellers Union Group started the new journey full with new hope. On the afternoon of Feb 16th, 2019 Annual Work Conference of Sellers Union Group, presided over by vice president - Andrew Fang, was held in the Hilton Ningbo Dongqian Lake Resort. All the management level and annually outstanding employees, more than 340 people totally, attended the meeting.



It has become a common practice to disclose the annual bulletin and summarize the group‘s overall performance to the management level. Wang Caihong, the vice President of the group, released the group's 2018 overall performance. In the last year, facing with the complex external environment, we continued deepening the foreign trading business mainly as well as expanding foreign trading ecosystem. Thus our sales growth was finally much higher than the national level. Each business segment went energetically including consumer goods, professional products series, cross-border e-commerce, international logistics supply chain service, international tourism exhibition and high-end imports of consumer goods. Business scale and economic benefits developed together to maintain the sustainable and  high-quality development.


She also announced a challenging goal for next three years through ten multidimensional measurable data, which sketched an ambitious Sellers-blueprint fully embodying the unique spiritual outlook. We are ambitious while we are also down-to-earth. As one of general managers in our company said strongly, ‘Just do it! Make the impossible possible!Try our best to achieve our three-year business development goals.’ 


During the conference, a short but solemn initiation was held for new partners. President Xu, Vice President Charly Chen and Vinson Qian appeared on the stage and witnessed the exciting moment with everyone. Congratulations for these 12 business backbones became new partners. They are respectively Candy Li, Shen Mingwei, David Ma, Keane Chen, Tiffany Lin, Paradise Gao, Sarah Zhou, Caesar Sang, Major Mei, Andy Zeng, Sweet Rao, Eric Zhu. The number of business partners increased to 87.


The conference also held the ceremony to reward the companies and individuals who had excellent performance in 2018. Union Chance, Union Source, Union Deal and Financial Department won the organizational awards. Tony Wang (the general manager of Union Deal) and Lemon Hou (the general manager of Union Vision) won Golden Tripod Award because of their outstanding performance in 2018. Other 104 excellent colleagues won Golden Bull Award, Golden Eagle Award, Golden Leaf Award and Golden Cicada Award respectively.


Organizational Awards


Golden Tripod Award


Golden Bull Award


Golden Eagle Award


Golden Leaf Award


Golden Cicada Award


The Round-table Forum was hosted by vice President Charly Chen.  Wang Shiqing from Port to Port Logistics, Michael Xu from Union Service Business Division, Tina Hong from Union Deal, Wang Kunpeng from Ningbo Union, Frances Chen from Union Vision and Major Mei from Union Grand Business Division were invited to discuss the current market trends and future developing plans. They shared the ways of business development under the current environment and summarized the shortcomings that needed to be improved in the next period. They also answered the questions of the audience in detail. The Round-table Forum analyzed the market situation and claimed the growth strategy of each department in 2019 from the specific business level which enlighten colleagues in many aspects.


The Chairman and President of the group Patrick Xu made an annual summary speech. Xu claimed that in 2018, our group maintained the rapid growth. In Feb, our group achieved a new level. Meanwhile, many extraordinary leaders, excellent teams and staff including Tony Wang, Lemon Hou, Frances Chen, Sweet Rao, Major Mei, Joe Zhao and Tong  Miudan who played important roles in the company development showed their undeniable and undoubted value. To be concluded, it clearly and specifically showed a healthy,orderly,positive and sustainable development appearance as an excellent company in all aspects.


Mr. Xu pointed out that the conference had declared the business growth planning of the group and every subsidiary company from 2019 to 2021 and the group would further improve the internal competition mechanism across subsidiaries and business sectors, and strengthen the consciousness of business sectors’ secondary operating units. In this way, we will have a comprehensive competition atmosphere of mutual pursuit and optimistic motivation, have more key customers, raise more irreplaceable components of the company, and meanwhile increase the brand influence of enterprise service, in conclusion to create the synergistic effect of internal resources and make full use of it. He believed that our group owns sufficient resources, special operating mode, perfect motivation system and excellent corporate culture, accordingly we can definitely achieve leap-forward development in next three years.


Mr. Xu proposed that the decision-making incentive mechanism kept dramatic improvement through two-decade development, and finally made it into the Sellers-style, open, flexible and mutual-affect business partnership mechanism. Sellers' Partnership mechanism is a three-body platform gathering communities of consciousness, ability and benefit. Each body has rich connotations and requests, the combination of three-body would eventually form strong and unified power and energy, hence it could be the life-long business platform for all partners. In the future, we will consummate the partnership mechanism, highlight the important role of the partners. Moreover, we would absorb a group of key excellent talents into partnership plan, in order to update our group to a smart and creative modernized business organization.


Mr. Xu stated that an outstanding company should praise not only the founder but also the whole enterprise, and managers should deeply take  part in the strategy decision. Enterprise culture is not just about boss, contrarily it is a combination of experience that every organization representative learned. The high-level can inspire a small number of ideas, but the rest need to be explored by the lower level. Everyone should contribute to the development of the enterprise by their hard work for best results, so that we can gain the sense of pride, acquisition and fulfillment by deeply involving in the organizational development.


He also made specific statement on the positioning of each aspect, motivating system, organizational award standard and the classification level of partnership. Furthermore, he answered some public-focusing problems such as the layout of foreign trade ecosphere, partnership standards, the definition of a happy enterprise and a pros and cons of company to going public.


Mr. Xu encouraged everyone to learn from their work by quoting Kazuo Inamori's Philosophical Thought of Management - Man's real ability is to exert his own ability. Man's strength comes from insisting on doing a good job, regarding the work assigned to him as his vocation, persevering, accumulating continuously with every day’s efforts. Naturally, he can achieve great and lofty goals.


In 2019, Sellers Union Group will keep on chasing for its goal and create greater value for customers and all the family members in the Sellers Union Group!

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