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The Group Held 2019 Outstanding Staff Award Ceremony


Due to COVID19, the scheduled annual meeting had to be canceled. The Partners’ meeting would be delayed to early April regarding to the situation of the epidemic. In recognition of the outstanding performance of employees in 2019, the group held the outstanding staff awards ceremony on in Ningbo and Yiwu on March 6th. During the special period, we still pay tribute to these outstanding staff.

The number of participants of the award ceremony was strictly controlled and there was a safe distance between seats. Under the ventilation environment, the participants wore masks during the ceremony. Although we could not completely see each other, it would be unforgettable for our rest of life.

In 2019, there were 136 outstanding employees, 47 people were honored with Golden Cicada Award, 26 people were honored with Golden Leaf Award, 49 people were honored with Golden Eagle Award, 10 people were honored with Golden Bull Award. Lemon Hou and Michael Xu were honored with Golden Tripod Award. Charly Chen and Vinson Qian were honored with Merit Award. The group witnessed a significant increase in 2019, hence the number of Golden Cicade Award has increased significantly compared with previous years with the supplement of some outstanding newcomers. Hope these newcomers can continue learning and become the emerging force to support the continuous development of the Group's business.

The representatives of Golden Eagle Award, Golden Leaf Award and Golden Cicada Award gave the speeches respectively.

Merit Award

Golden Tripod Award

Golden Bull Award

Golden Eagle Award

Golden Leaf Award

Golden Cicada Award

"Golden Bull Award" has always attracted much attention. Mary Zhang, the business director of Union Home, said: "It has been nine years since I came to Sellers Union Group after graduating from university. This is my first job and it will possibly be my last job. I will do my best to achieve the corporate value – Perfecting yourself while benefiting others."

Will Xu, the deputy purchasing director of Union Vision, said: "As being honored with Golden Bull Award, I will pay more attention to our own words and deeds, positively influence others, and strive to achieve those who want to progress around them, even if they will surpass themselves in the future. "

Lemon Hou, the general manager of Union Vision, was honored with "Golden Tripod Award" again since last year, she said:" I would not be able to be honored with this award with the efforts and continuous breakthrough of all the family members of Union Vision. We will work harder in the future.”

Michael Xu, the general manager of Union Service Business Division, won "Golden Tripod Award" for the first time. He said: “high-quality platform is a necessary condition for elites to achieve greater success. At the same time, their success will also nurture the platform, making the platform become stronger. "

The organizational awards were honored with Union Service Business Division, Union Chance, Union Source and Ningbo Union.

The most attractive award was "Merit Award" – a newly established award in order to particularly commend the person who has bravely explored the new formats, established new projects and achieved great success, incubated new subsidiaries (business divisions) with great achievements.

Charly Chen and Vinson Qian were honored with Merit Awards. Although Charly Chen could not show up due to some personal reasons, the host delivered his award speech. He mentioned that being able to work in Sellers Union Group is the most important thing in life.

Vinson Qian, the vice president of the group, shared his exciting motion of getting this meaningful award: “the group is our common platform. We get energy from the platform and then deliver nutrition to the platform. Gathering individual's outstanding abilities on the platform, ensuring that each individual can stand on the shoulders of giants, inheriting and practicing the values of "Continuing Professional and Excellent" and “Perfecting Yourself while Benefiting Others” so that we will get closer to success!

At the end of the ceremony, Patrick Xu, the president of the group, gave a speech. Mr. Xu indicated that the group still achieved the performance goals although the economic environment in 2019 which was quite difficult. Thanks all the employees in Sellers Union Group for their hard work and outstanding contributions from these outstanding colleagues being honored. We should continue encouraging the development of emerging elites, and pay more attention to strengthening the construction of team building and exerting the overall strength of the whole team. Only when business elites lead outstanding teams can they achieve great success.

Mr. Xu believed that the uncertainty of the economic environment in 2020 would be unprecedented due to COVID-19 worldwide. At present, we still need to actively keep in touch with clients and prepare response plans in advance, fully support customers who are in trouble, and strive to minimize losses and operating risks.

The group should take advantage of scale, attach importance to the construction of organizational capacity, and obtain the speed advantage which is faster than small businesses in terms of market response.

Mr. Xu emphasized that the group should maintain an optimistic attitude, take active actions, and strengthen implementation and management to improve efficiency. We should necessarily make full use of "Sellers Online" to recommend more new products to customers, and promote more orders in order to minimize the negative impact of COVID-19. Mr. Xu believed that we would be able to overcome the impact of COVID-19, achieve positive business growth in the first half of the year, and annually achieve double-digit performance growth by taking advantages of the group's competitive strengths, service brand and various resource channels.

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