Union Vision has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs open up their own stores over the last few years. From fixtures to products to supermarket items, we have it all.Our business is based on reorders, we want you to be successful.
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Why Open A Dollar Store

Dollar stores do well in both a good and bad economy. Because it is easy for customers to understand the pricing concept in dollar stores. These stores attract all levels of income of customers looking for wholesale, cheap, discount bargains.

What Makes Dollar Stores Successful

Location of the store and its proximity to major chain stores. Some dollar stores are successful sitting next to a major chain while others are successful because there is no competition within miles.
High turn ratio of merchandise. A constant flow of goods coming into the store shows the customer that they need to come back often to take advantage of the best deals.
In stock of best sellers. Certain items are basic goods for the Dollar Stores and customers expect them every time they visit.
Value for the customer's dollar. Selling goods that are only worth a dollar in other stores will quickly alienate your customer. The concept of the Dollar Store is a place to find real bargains that sell for much higher prices in other stores.
Strong assortment of products. Customers come to Dollar Stores because they know they can take care of all kinds of needs. Having hundreds of different products across several categories keeps your store very interesting to customers. You should plan on spending at least $15 per square foot in merchandise costs to make sure your store looks full.
Clean, well merchandised store. One of the most challenging tasks in a Dollar Store because you are constantly adding new goods and moving products around the store is to keep a well groomed, neat store. This helps add the perception that a well maintained store carries high quality products.
Closeouts of recognized products and new merchandise coming to the store every week. This keeps the customers coming back each week because they know if they do not buy it now, it may not be there next time.

Why Union Vision Should Help You Open Your Store

We are not a Franchise. Our business is based on selling wholesale and closeout products. Since we are a wholesaler whose growth depends on reorders from our loyal customer base, we want you to open a store that is successful so you come back to us and buy more products. It is in our best interest to merchandise your store with fast selling items and hot selling promotions so you keep coming back to us for reorders. We do not charge any kind of fees for consultation to help get you up and running. We do this because we view opening a store as an investment in our mutual future.
Customer service not only to help you get started, but ongoing. All of our experienced customer service reps have owned their own business and know what it is like to be the first one there in the morning and the last to leave. They understand the ins and outs of attracting and keeping a loyal customer base. Because they are dealing with stores all over the country, they quickly see what is hot and where you should spend those precious dollars. You will realize very quickly that we really do care that you are successful.
Assortment of product and a constant flow of closeouts. There is no other company with over 275,000 products that will ship by the case.
Convenience of buying. Dollar Days knows what it is like to try to run a store, take care of the customers and still make sure you have the right product at the right time. Because our site at is a virtual showroom open 24 hours a day, it gives you a chance after a long day at the store to come home and at your leisure view all the new products and do the reorders at your own pace.

What do we have?

Housewares Kitchen and Tableware Cleaning products Bath items Tools and Hardwares Stationery Electronic items Outdoor items Fashion accessories Gifts and Crafts Travel accessories Pet items Photo Frames Shoes and Slippers Sport support Baby products Beauty and Personal care Car accessories Toys and Game set Promotional items